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Spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Environmental Flows Assessment

Most of the rivers in Iberian Peninsula present alterations of their natural flow regimes, as result of the construction of dams and weirs.

Environmental Flows Assessment

In Spain, flow regulation is the greatest threat to acquatic ecosystem health and its biodiversity, and to the native species linked to the ecosystem.

EcohidrŠulica S.L. has an extensive experience in Environmental Flows Assessment. Water regimes are designed to preserve fluvial habitat in order to sustain river and riverside life, applying on each situation the most suitable methodology:

  • Hydrological Methods
  • Hydraulic Methods
  • Habitat Simulation Methods
  • Holistic Methods

Download complete Ecohidraulica CV on Environmental Flows (spanish version)

Some of the projects developed by EcohidrŠulica S.L. on Environmental Flows Assessment under different alteration scenarios:

Diversion for urban water supply

Diversion for irrigation

Hydropower plants

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