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Spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Madrid

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Ecohidraulica S.L. offers innovative and quality solutions in different areas for the management and evaluation of fresh water ecosystems:

Estimación de Regímenes de Caudales Ecológicos
  • Study of macrobenthic communities
  • Study management and monitoring of fish populations
  • Design of fish passes
  • Biological indicators in freshwater
  • Ecological status and reference conditions assessment of water bodies (WFD)
  • Assessment of impacts of flow regulation (dams) and pollutant discharges, and proposal of corrective measures
  • Flood risk management: Flood risk and flood hazard map development
  • Implications of the establishment of environmental flows
  • Integrated and Holistic management of river basins
  • Studies of river morphology and dynamics
  • Development of regulations and standards on fish legislation
  • Study and management of anthropized water ecosystems
  • Hydrobiology - Physiology - Botany - Geomorphology
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