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Spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Development of Fisheries Management Plans

Like any other natural resource, river and lake fish populations must be managed rationally, so that its health and persistence can be guaranteed, and in the same time the increasing demand on recreational fishing can be satisfied.

Development of Fisheries Management Plans

Fish are part of water ecosystems and interact with other elements. Consequently decissions must be taken based on the knowledge of the biology and ecology of the species and communities that comprise the ecosystem.

The Management Plans for Fisheries in Continental Waters carried out by Ecohidraulica S.L., permit to develop a sustainable management of recreational fishing. This guarantees good ecological status and persistence of fish, as well as the conservation of the related ecosystems. Our services are noted for placing a great importance on the monitoring of populations, and this permits:

  • To check the success of management measures taken
  • To know about population fluctuations
  • To make the most appropriate decisions according to the evolution of the resources
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