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Spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Ecological Restoration of Rivers and Streams

Fluvial ecosystems resources are used for many purposes and as such, severely affected by human activity . To face this irrational usage, current European legislation is intended to force ecological rehabilitation of water bodies and prevent them from further degradation.

Restauración de Ríos y Riberas

Ecohidráulica S.L. provides solutions for River Restoration with an overall vision of the circumstances that define the ecology. Our River Restoration projects include these phases:

  1. Assessment of stream conditions: Analysis of historical changes in fluvial morphology and dynamics, identification of the causes of degradation and evaluation of current situation.
  2. Development and Implementation of a River Restoration Plan that takes into consideration the interests of all the involved social groups. Applied measures must act against the degradation causes, promoting natural processes and the recovery of pre-alteration ecosystem conditions.
  3. Development of post-project appraisal (PPAs) to evaluate river restoration schemes in relation to their compliance with design.

The Ecohidráulica S.L. team work is made up of fluvial ecology specialists, with the ability, experience and knowledge to understand natural processes in rivers and develop successful restoration plans.

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